We are going camping!

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We are going camping!

Fall has settled in the Northeast and leaves are starting to change.  We have a camping trip planned and we are going full steam ahead to see if we can catch the peek foliage!   First up....packing!

We have to be sure that everyone has the right gear.  The kids will carry less as they can't carry heavy packs for long periods, but it is still important for them to help out.  We are planning to sleep in lean tos along the trail, so we are not bringing tents.  This helps out with weight.  Warm sleeping bags and pads are a must for trail camping in the fall.  

The must have for all of us on the trail and camping are flashlights.  It gets dark at night and the littles love to have their own lantern.  We love these little Megabrite lanterns, the different colors mean that everyone can have their own, so no fighting!!  

We also like to bring along a power bank to provide back up power for a cell phone in case of emergencies.  All other electronics are left at home!!  You can never be too prepared!  


Happy Camping and Happy Fall!!