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School Days are coming!!

August brings some of us sending kids back to school while others are enjoying the last few weeks of summer camp.  Be sure that your children are prepared if it means going to kindergarten or off to college.  We are always sure to have a flashlight on hand, in a backpack or college dorm, you never know when you may need it.

For those college students who never seem to have things in place, our Duracell Smart Power LED Flashlight is just the ticket.  Just wind and go or keep one in your window sill charging until you need it.  No batteries to replace!  Easily thrown into a backpack for that late night walk from the library to the dorm.  

Need extra light in that closet at school or at home, the Garrity LED Touch 'N Lite is just what you need!  A cordless LED area light that is easily turned on with a simple touch.  Touch to turn off or set the timer.  Easily hang up or sits on a flat surface.


For those kids in school, who may need a flashlight to carry in their backpack the Garrity 9 LED Flashlight is a must.  Small and compact, it doesn't take a lot of room, but the 9 LEDs prove to be super bright and just what is needed.  A handy carry strap means you can loop it onto the backpack or keep around your wrist too.


Enjoy those last few moments with your children catching fireflies, watching the sun set, eating on the back deck before they grow up too quick!  

School days are almost here.