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Always be prepared!

Whew!!!  The dog days of summer are just about over for all of us here in the Northeast.  School is in session, we are waking up to beautiful crisp mornings and the leaves will start their annual changeover.  Beauty abounds us in every corner.  

Along with kids sporting events we will be sure to make every effort to get out camping to enjoy nature before the snow starts to fly!  Some great flashlights that will get us through the fall camping and those cold winter months, sometimes without power, are the Duracell Smart Power LED Flashlights.  

I never want to find myself without power without a flashlight!  Power is a luxury that we certainly take for granted, but it doesn't mean that we have to be completely inconvenienced.  Just to be prepared....though perhaps we have too many flashlights at our house, one that I would suggest is the Duracell Smart Power Self Powered LED Flashlight and Phone Charger.  

The beauty of this light is that you just wind the handle on the back to charge up the internal battery.  There is even a port on the bottom that you can plug in a USB cable or a 12V charger to charge up your cell phone for emergency talk time.  You never know when you might need this feature....especially if you have been in a storm which resulted in the loss of power for days.  

Buy this light now and get an extra 15% off, use the code SMARTPWR15 in the checkout.

~Duracell Direct