Getting ready for spring!!

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Getting ready for spring!!

Spring is here!!!  Some of us may have gotten a spring snow storm, others may have been welcomed with spring rains to feed the beautiful flowers and bushes that have started cropping up.  One thing is for sure, the warmer weather is coming and we need to get prepared.  

The Duracell DG 2.0i Inverter Generator is a must have for any home.  It features a small, but powerful package, great for campers, tailgaters, RV enthusiasts and more.  It runs for up to 8 hours on less than a gallon of fuel.  Be prepared!  Buy from Duracell Direct and get $200 off MSRP and free shipping within the 48 contiguous US States.  The super deal sale price is currently $599.  

Camping and hiking fun is ahead of us!  Starry nights, dancing flames in the fire pit, just being outside is an amazing experience.  Stay safe when you are walking around your campsite at night, be prepared with one of our Duracell or Garrity Flashlights.  

I don't know about you, but I can never find a flashlight when I need one.  I feel like I am forever searching for one in the garage, the basement or in the kitchen when I need to take the dog out late at night.  The Duracell Tough 4AA Flashlight is one of my favorites.  It is super bright and has a longer run time, so I know that when I put batteries in the flashlight, it will work for a few late night dog runs to come.  Buy this light now and use the the coupon code TOUGH2$ and get $2 off each Tough light you purchase.

Duracell Direct helping you be prepared with flashlights, lighting, generators and more to come!  Let's welcome in spring.