Garrity® Flashlights - Product Matrix


Use this reference chart to compare different flashlights.
  Lumens Run Time Waterproof Beam Distance Batteries
G-Tech™ LED 2AA Flashlight 33 lm 16 h Water Resistant 50m 2AA
G-Tech™ LED 2D Flashlight with Dual Power 33 lm 78h 30m Water Resistant 68m 2D or 2AA with adapters
LifeLife™ Flashlight 8 lm 4h 30m NR 33.5m not replaceable
9LED 3AAA Flashlight 33 lm 9 h NR 25.6m 3AAA
ibeam™ 6V Lantern 47 lm 13h 30m Water Resistant 202 m 6V
LED Touch 'N Lite™ with Timer 26 lm 16+ h NR 9.8 m 4AA
Valuelite™ 2AA Flashlight 8 lm 1h 45m Water Resistant 35 m 2AA
Valuelite™ 2D Flashlight 13 lm 4h 15m Water Resistant 35 m 2D
Valuelite™ 2D Flashlight Combo Pack 13 lm 4h 15m Water Resistant 35 m 2D or 2AA with adapters
   IPX4 - Water resistant. Protected against splashing water from all angles.

   NR - Not Rated


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