Garrity® 60 Lumen 3AAA Headlamp (65-201)

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Don't be caught without this Garrity headlight, a super bright 60 lumens will light your way easily.  Comfortable head strap allows for ultimate adjustment.  The Garrity 60 lumen headlight has three modes, low, high and flashing.  Easily adjust the angle of the headlight.  

This headlight is a must have for working inside dark areas, working outside when light is limited, in the attic, in the basement, just about anywhere you could imagine.  Perfect for when you need both your hands to work.  The Garrity 60 Lumen 3AAA Headlamp is a must have for hiking, camping, walking at night, work at home or on the job.


3AAA Garrity batteries included.


  • 60 Lumens
  • 22 Hour Run Time
  • 80 Meter Beam Distance
  • Impact Resistant


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