Garrity® iBeam™ 6V Lantern (bargain) (65-069-B)

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The Garrity iBeam 6V Lantern is ideal for outdoor use when ambient light is limited. The bright krypton bulb shines a wide beam of light and the 6V Lantern can shine light as far as 202 meters away. Hands free design allows you to set the Garrity iBeam 6V Lantern down horizontally or vertically. The full sized handle makes the iBeam Lantern easy to carry when walking at night. The Garrity iBeam Lantern is a classic necessity in every household.


6V Garrity battery included*


  • 47 Lumens
  • 12 Hours Run Time
  • 202 Meter Beam Distance

 Colors will vary!

 MSRP $8.99


*Batteries not guaranteed for bargain items. 



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