Garrity® Tuff™ MP LED Work Light (65-158)

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Introducing the brand new Garrity Tuff MP!  This is the ultimate multipurpose COB work light and flashlight.  The work light extends from the handle and will rotate to shine light where you need it most.  Easily use the hanging ring or the powerful magnet to secure the light when you are working.  The powerful LED flashlight has an adjustable head angle as well to shine light right where you need it.  This light features the latest in LED technology.


Lightweight and easy to use.  Great for working, in the garage, camping, hiking, walking, backyards, RVs and more!



Work Light  

  • 113 Lumens                                                
  • 2.5 Hours Run Time
  • 15 Meter Beam Distance
  • Impact Resistant


  • 87 Lumens
  • 2.5 Hours Run Time
  • 64 Meter Beam Distance
  • Impact Resistant

Includes 4AAA Garrity batteries


MSRP $13.99





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