Garrity® ValueLite™ Flashlight 2pk (65-092-B)

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Durable plastic flashlights x2!!  The Garrity Valuelite Combo Flashlight pack.  New dual power option allows you to pick the battery type.  Each light runs on 2D batteries or 2AA and included adapters.

Bright colorful flashlights are stored easily in your toolbox, garage, kitchen drawer and many more places.  A convenient hang hook is built into the end of each flashlight.  The Garrity ValueLites are designed with an anti-roll feature that allows you to point the light where needed and work hands free.

Runs on 2D batteries OR 4AA and 4 battery adapters for the 2pk set.  Bonus - replacement bulb included!

4AA Garrity batteries & 4 battery adapters included.


  • 13 Lumens
  • 4.25 Hour Run Time
  • 46 Meter Beam Distance


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